EFAY Bureau Meet in Brussels - 2010

Originally published on December 6, 2010.

The EFAy Bureau held a successful meeting in Brussels this weekend (4th december2010) to review progress and develop its activity strategy for the New Year.

Some of the issues discussed at the meeting included the presence of the EFAy on the internet, the 2011 EFAy general assembly, finances, the development of the EFAy network and the increased involvement of our members in the work of the organisation at a European level. The meeting was also the first opportunity that bureau members had of meeting with the new EFAy coordinator and Secretary General (SG) Jana Bacheva, since she started work in September.

At the meeting was EFAy President Irati Aizpurua Alquezar, Secretary General Jana Bacheva, Luke James, Erwin Verbeken, Standa Kozel, Max ZaƱartu Plaza and EFAy advisor RhisiartTtal-e-bot.

EFAy advisor and ex-President, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, said at the meeting:

"2010 presented a number of challenges for the EFAy as an organisation and for a while it was tough going without a SG and full time coordinator. The interim bureau of the EFAy however have done a great job in keeping the movement progressing and with Jana in Brussels, team confidence is increasing. We have no doubt that there are a number of challenges still to come, but members now should feel better prepared for having met up properly."

After the meeting the bureau met with EFAy member organisation NVA youth, who invited the bureau out to dinner for an informal social evening.

EFAY Bureau member, Luke James, talks about the meeting:

About the event

The EFAY Bureau met in Brussels on December 4, 2010.
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