EU Advocacy Coordination Meeting

Originally published on June 17, 2011.

The Secretary General of EFAy participated in the EU Advocacy Coordination Meeting that took place on the 10-11 June in the premises of the European Youth Forum in Brussels. The European Youth Forum invited representatives of political party youth organizations and youth councils to discuss EU Advocacy steps for the upcoming period. Within the framework of the Advocacy meeting a separate PPYO meeting took place during the lunch break. The PPYO representatives had the opportunity to exchange ideas about their joint project planned for September, within the framework of the Youth Convention on Volunteering, as well as to further discuss the initiative for joint resolution on the creation of European wide constituency for the European Parliament elections. During the Advocacy meeting the following issues were tackled: upcoming EU institutional processes, the opportunities and challenges of the Youth in Action programme, Volunteering, Structured Dialogue, and the Polish Presidency. The participants also discussed the Charter on the rights of the volunteer prepared by the European Youth Forum and shared best practices of advocacy implemented by their organizations. After the meeting on Friday the participants attended the presentation of the publication entitled “The Young and the rightless? The protection of youth rights in Europe”, written by Mourad Mahidi, member of the Board of the European Youth Forum.

About the event

EU Advocacy Coordination Meeting 10-11 June 2011.
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