FUEN Debate: Minorities' rights in the European Parliament

Originally published on July 5, 2011.

The EFAy Secretary General participated in the FUEN lunch debate that took place in the European Parliament on the 29th of June. The debate was hosted by the Danish MEP Anne E. Jensen and supported by the Intergroup for Traditional Minorities, National Communities and Languages. The aim of the lunch debate was to promote and enhance the dialogue and cooperation between civil society representatives and MEPs. The debate was attended by circa 50 guests including MEPs, representatives of European political parties and their youth branches, minorities, European Commission, Council of Europe and NGO’s working on the promotion of minority rights. The participants were addressed by FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen, MEP Anne E. Jensen and the Chairman of the Intergroup Carl Haglund. Short presentations were given by FUEN-director Jan Diedrichsen, MEP Gyula Winkler, FUEN-advisor Johan Häggman, etc. During the debate the manifold activities of FUEN were presented, such as the Roma initiative - Solidarity with the Roma!, the new networking initiative intended to connect the main actors working in the field of minority and regional languages as well as the plan for establishing a “Competence Centre of the European Minorities”. The Centre will have multiple functions such as: advising and advocacy, promotion of research and making academic results available for practical use, transfer of knowledge and political education, information- and documentation work, exchange and projects implementation. MEP Gyula Winkler spoke about the European Citizen’s Initiative as an instrument that can be used by European minorities for improving the EU policies in the field of minorities’ rights.

About the event

FUEN Lunch debate on the 29th of June 2011.
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