Happy Human Rights Day 2010!

Originally published December 10, 2010.

The EFAy marks the International Day of Human Rights. It was on the 10th of December 1948 that one of the most important documents in the history of mankind, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was adopted by the UN General Assembly. On this occasion we would like to remind everyone of all those people in Europe and the rest of the World who are still struggling for their most fundamental rights and continuously facing injustice, discrimination, cultural violence and torture. We hope that the number of countries ratifying the International human rights agreements will increase and that the EU and the UN will implement better and further measures aimed at protecting women, children and other vulnerable groups in armed conflicts and societies with poor human rights record.

The EFAy will continue to promote and defend the rights and needs of minorities, stateless nations and regions. We are strongly committed to fighting against discrimination, inequality and poverty.

On this day, representatives of Jong N-VA (EFAy member organization), took part in the international peaceful demonstration for Freedom, Democracy & Human Rights in Brussels, organized by the coalition of United Nations for a Free Tibet, the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Belgium and the Free China from CCP Alliance Europe. Other EFAy members also took part in different activities around Europe aimed at underlining this significant date in the history of human rights.

About the event

Commemorating Human Rights Day 2010.
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