Statement: Against the illegalization of the Bildu coalition

Originally published on May 5, 2011.

After the judgment of the Spanish Supreme Court in which the electoral coalition Bildu has been declared illegal for the Local and Foral Council elections, and Navarre Parliament elections, the undersigned youth organizations express the following:

1. All the young men and women of the Basque Country, regardless of their political adscription have the right to carry out their political practice in complete freedom, always within the framework of respect for all human, civil and political rights.

2. We reject the banning of the candidate lists of Bildu for the Local and Foral council elections and Navarre Parliament elections for 2011 passed by the Spanish Supreme Court.

3. We consider that such banning only responds to a political impulse which is incompatible with the existence of a real democratic system and a legal interpretation of the rule of law.

4. We deny that GaztEHerria, youth movement composed of different youth organizations from Basque Country, represents a continuity of any previously banned organization, or that it is part of the project and/or strategy of ETA.

5. We ask the Attorney General and the Public Defender's Office that in base of the objections made to the lists of Bildu and the situation of defenselessness generated towards the members of GaztEHerria: to urgently clarify if a judicial investigation is going on over GaztEHerria.

Bilbao, 5th May 2011

Gazte Independentistak
Gazte Abertzaleak
Alternatiba Gazteak
Gazte Komunistak
EGK (Consejo Vasco de la Juventud)
Juventudes Andalucistas
ChobentĂș Andalucistas
Galiza Nova
Bloc Jove
European Free Alliance Youth

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Statement against the illegalization of the Bildu coalition.
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