XII National Congress of Juventudes Andalucistas

Originally published on March 8, 2011.

The Secretary General of EFAy, Jana Bacheva, participated in the XII National Congress of Juventudes Andalucistas, held in Seville last Saturday, 5th of March. The Congress was attended by members of local JA groups, coming from different parts of Andalusia, members of the Andalusian Party (Partido Andalucista) as well as international guests coming from the Republic of Macedonia, Catalonia and the Basque Country. The Congress marked the end of the six-year mandate of the Secretary General of JA, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, who delivered a moving and inspiring speech about his work for JA as one of the best periods of his life, allowing him to grow both personally and professionally. The Congress was focused on the statutory changes and the development of the ideology and strategies for strengthening the role of the organization in reforming Andalusia. The function of Secretary General was removed and the 13 members of the new National Board were elected. During the concluding part of the Congress speeches were given by the international guests who expressed their support for JA and the work they are doing to end corruption, inequalities, poverty, discrimination and promote more transparency and youth participation in Andalusia. The EFAy Secretary General shared her satisfaction with the active involvement of JA in the EFAy project for creating a more social, inclusive and united Europe that respects its linguistic, cultural and national diversity. She wished the members of JA great success at the elections in May. The participants were also addressed by Jose Antonio Sánchez, Provincial Secretary of PA for Seville, Curro Jiménez, Vice-Secretary General of PA, and Estanislao Naranjo Infante, the nephew of Blas Infante, known as “the father of free Andalucia”.

...Y sin embargo, se mueve...

About the event

XII National Congress of Juventudes Andalucistas held in Sevilla on Saturday 5th of March, 2011.
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