2013 GA Motions: Against Fracking in Europe

Motion by JERC to the EFAY General Assembly held in Meran, Südtirol. 11-13 April 2013.

Against Fracking in Europe - Motion by JERC

In Europe, the first experiences with fracking were in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Poland. While in Poland this technology is in expansion, in France, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands, it has been banned. This measure has also been taken in South Africa and India.

To combat fracking we need to be coordinated at the European level, and sum efforts in order to fight for our land, and our health.

In front of these circumstances, from the EFAY, we adopt these postures:

  1. We consider fracking a non-reliable technology, potentially dangerous because its effects on the environment are unknown as well as its effects on human health. At the same time, it is energetically, economically, and environmentally inefficient.
  2. We do support the different movements that exist in our nations, and we will work together against having this technology in our countries.
  3. We must inform the young people in our countries to form a fast answer if there are conflicts in different zones. It is necessary to amplify the importance to sue these practices to all the organizations similar to that ones members of the EFAY and the global of citizens.
  4. We will work to achieve, day by day,  a social majority in favor of renewable energies. In the same way, we think that it is also important a change towards a more conscientious model of saving and making reasonable use of the energetic resources.
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