2013 GA Motions: Freedom for the Western Sahara

Motion by Gazte Abertzaleak to the EFAY General Assembly held in Meran, Süditirol. 11-13 April 2013.

They have past 37 years since the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, the Western Sahara conflict is still open. The Spanish Government, by the hand of Juan Carlos I of Borbon, cheated the Saharan people by signing in Madrid the division of the West Sahara, dividing the country between Morocco and Mauritania. This was an illegal appointment.

Under such illegal agreements Spain is still taking care of West Sahara, during the decolonization process, that's why Spanish Government can´t ignore its responsibility in the resolution of the decision of the problem. Since 1975 Morocco, on its own, controls the Saharan territory illegally.

In 1991, Morocco and POLISARIO signed the cease-fire. However, the ceasefire has not led to significant advances in the decolonization process and has not ended the human rights violations committed with impunity by Morocco in the occupied territories.

Spain's liability is clear but we can not overlook the collaboration that France has given to Morocco. For this reason, we consider it essential to involve the entire European Union in the defense of human rights in Sahara

The European Free Alliance Youth requests the following:

  1. The renewal of the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) and the extension of its powers in order to monitor and prosecute human rights violations in the occupied territories.

2. The dismantling of the illegal "wall of shame" that divides Western Sahara.

3. The immediate release of all Saharawi political prisoners and especially the recently jailed for life from Gdeim Izik.

4. The recognition of the SADR by European institutions.

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