2013 GA Motions: Limit of 23 pupils must remain

Motion by FNPj to the EFAY General Assembly held in Meran, Südtirol. 11-13 April 2013.

Having heard the discussion;


1. The Dutch National Board of Education on February 14, 2013, has issued  a publication with a recommendation, which is of great influence on the Frisian village communities, language and culture*

2. The recommendation in the publication is to increase the minimum number of pupils in a primary school from 23 to 100

3. For Fryslân this would mean that 50.1% of all primary schools would be forced to close.

4. The Dutch Inspection of Education indicates that a small school or education institute does not mean that there is a lower quality of education.

Invite the members of the EFA Group in the European Parliament and any other bodies concerned:

- The Dutch government to make no changes in the minimum number of students, let alone implement before proper research is done into the social and economic impacts of this change in rural areas with protected minority languages​​.

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