2013 GA Motions: The Europe we all aspire for

Motion by Plaid Cymru Ifanc/Youth to the EFAY General Assembly held in Meran, Südtirol. 11-13 April 2013.

The Europe we all aspire for – Motion by Plaid Cymru Ifanc/Youth

The General Assembly believes:

That the current political and economic crisis hitting Europe has dented people’s confidence in the European Union and its institutions, and has largely caused the European project to hit crisis point;

That a large democratic deficit, mainly caused by the austerity politics imposed by the unelected European Commission, is largely to blame for the public’s disenchantment with the EU;

That the current austerity-led policies of the Commission overwhelmingly puts the needs of financial institutions such as banks ahead of the needs of the people of Europe, many of whom are struggling financially because of failed austerity policies;

That such centralization of power in the Commission without democratically consulting the people of Europe is contrary to EFAy and EFA’s central aim of achieving a ‘Europe of the Peoples’, and not a ‘Europe of the Banks’;

That major reform of other EU institutions, such as the parliament, is also needed to restore people’s faith in the European project.

The General Assembly moves;

1. That EFAy continues to pressure our national representatives and our MEPs to push for the mass democratization of European institutions;

2. That EFAy ensures that our EFA MEPs continue to push the cause for massive reform of the European parliament, including the wasteful decision to alternate parliamentary sessions between Brussels and Strasbourg at a tune of €180 million per year;

3. That we reinforce our belief in a Europe of the peoples, in a union that represents the diversity of Europe and the interest of its peoples, and not those of neoliberal institutions such as multinationals and banks.

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