2014 GA Declarations: Against Aragón Ski Circus Project

A declaration by Chobentú Aragonesista to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly held in Compostela, Galiza

Aragón Ski Circus is the name of a new Project for the union of ski slopes of the Pyrenees in Huesca. It is expected to join the ski slopes of Candanchú, Astún and Formigal, and then Canfranc train station. It will be the largest ski area of Spain, and one of the top ten largest in the world, with over two hundred kilometers. The aim is to join the slopes as soon as possible, and the Government promises to help the project when the economy gets better.

In reality, it is an unnecessary project that seriously harms the environment. It is calculated that the project will cost between thirty-five and forty million Euros. We are in times of crisis and it is difficult to find credit financing large enough for such a huge project.

In this case, speculation takes place, because some parts of the land are areas of special geological interest not yet catalogued as such, and the reason is that you cannot build infrastructure or change geology of protected areas.

This project does not benefit the economy, because it encourages a type of economy based only on ski tourism resources for all of the affected area, leaving the economy at the expenses of snow business and without an alternative.

We must defend preservation of the environment and the areas of geological interest. Also, we desire economy diversity for the affected areas.

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