2014 GA Declarations: Against the Draft Law of Protection of Public Safety

A declaration by Chobentú Aragonesista to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly in Compostela, Galiza.

Citizens are pushed to public protest because of their difficult circumstances and to fight for their rights. The authorities are taking advantage of the crisis to repress people. Public protests are taking place all the time, because of corruption, economic crisis, eviction, and hunger.

Within the context of the dire economic, political, institutional and social crisis currently affecting the Spanish State, the Spanish government in Madrid has unleashed a wave of repression in response to the civil protests demanding a shift in policy, with daily identifications and detentions and even the banning of demonstrations in defence of basic rights.

With that aim in mind, the Spanish government is drafting a new Law on Public Security intended to seriously restrict civil and political rights and even to penalise acts deemed to constitute an offense to the symbols of the Kingdom of Spain (its flag and institutions, etc.). This measure would particularly affect organisations from nations oppressed by the Spanish State fighting for the right of peoples to decide for themselves and national sovereignty for our countries. It remarks once again the Francoist spirit of Mariano Rajoy’s government, which reinforces the powers of the National Court.

The EFAy rejects this law which constitutes a breach of citizens’ basic rights and states its opposition to this reform, calling upon the European institutions to ensure full compliance with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union by all member States.

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