2014 GA Declarations: For a new promotion of the Breton language at University

A declaration by UDB Jeunes to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly held in Compostela, Galiza.

EFAy stands for the promotion of the Breton at University. The situation of the Breton language is in a bad spot currently. The number of Breton speakers has never been so low as it is now, although more and more children learn it at primary school.

This is due to the fact that Breton language courses are still scarce today, especially at University. In Brittany, only two universities out of four offer a sufficient amount of courses to allow students to be proficient enough and use Breton in their working environment. There are not enough Breton teachers today causing the closure of immersive schools, despite the willingness of pupils to attend them.

In the department of Loire-Atlantique (which was separated from the Brittany region 50 years ago), the problem is bigger. This is where the number of Breton learners has increased the most. There have been, however, no Breton courses offered at University since 2004.

Paradoxically, Breton is taught in Universities of many foreign countries, but not in every Breton University!

With this declaration, EFAy supports that the Breton language has to be taught in all the Breton Universities. This is a crucial point for the survival of the language.

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