2014 GA Declarations: The alliance of centralism and capitalism is the greatest obstacle for self-determination in France

A declaration by UDB Jeunes to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly held in Compostela, Galiza.

EFAY condemns the political and economical centralism as a negation of the right for self-determination. Today, centralism emphasizes the consequences of liberal choices. In France, the policies leading to a fairer repartition of jobs and investments have disappeared and the spatial organization of activities and population haven been entrusted to the rules of the market, with a historical advantage of centuries of domination for Paris.

Economic activity concentration is being strengthened by the concentration of services: hospitals, post offices, and even social services leave rural areas to become a privilege for the biggest towns' citizens. Supporters of the centralized political system claim centralism is the best way to promote equality between regions and cities. But in truth, the central State increases the inequalities in concentrating its investments and subventions in few cities, and tries to prevent the peoples of Corsica, Brittany and the Basque Country from getting the institutional tools to develop their economy in a more endogenic way. French state administration implements liberal policies that claim that a bigger center would be beneficial for everyone– even if its growth is paid by people of other regions!

Recently, the government has decided to create a new administrative status for big cities (« metropolis ») in order for them to become stronger in a global competition. By promoting the competition between a few big cities in place of solidarity and local autonomy, the French Government has betrayed François Hollande's promise of a real decentralization.

The EFAY defends the principle of subsidiarity, the solidarity between and into territories, and supports the recent demonstrations in Brittany and the Basque Country for a fairer repartition of powers and jobs.

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