2014 GA Motions: For the right to vote for the people aged 16 and on

Motion by Juventudes Andalucistas to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly held in Compostela, Galiza.

In recent years, youth participation has grown in different areas of life, but politics is the exception.

Young people are increasingly more participative, if we look at the different social, political and cultural organizations where we develop our ideas and projects, learning in diverse fields and applying these in our lives in a wide range of areas.

This larger learning capability and information access has led to the generation with the biggest potential we have ever seen, making it necessary to lay emphasis on political participation, which is not just limited in the different political organizations, but also in the ability to choose our public representatives. That is, to actively participate in elections.

These facts, together with the growing wave of acceptance of participation of young people between 16 and 18 years in various fields (Scottish and Catalan Referendums, universal suffrage in Austria and Cyprus, etc), plus the resolution adopted in 2011 by the European Youth Forum, urging the European Parliament and the Council of Europe to accept universal suffrage from 16 years old, lead us to the fact that we should trust these young people, as they are fully trained to know what it means to exercise their right to vote, learn to do it consistently and be clear about why they do it.

In conclusion, EFAy, as a democratic youth organization, is resolved in favor of universal suffrage for persons from 16 years old, encouraging the democratic participation of youth.

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