2014 GA Motions: Right to abortion

Motion by ChobentĂș Aragonesista to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly held in Compostela, Galiza.

One of the limitations of rights we are suffering in our society is that of the abortion law. A new abortion law will remove the right to abortion in all but two cases: in case of rape (during the first twelve weeks), and in case of health risk to the mother (during the first twenty-two weeks).

The draft reform proposed by the Spanish government would set the legal clock back 30 years, effectively denying women a basic right enshrined as a human right by the United Nations.

Its approval would deny women in the Spanish State the right to decide freely over their own bodies, leaving the decision in the hands of healthcare professionals or even judges, under the pretext of defending the right to life of the unborn foetus.

It is clear that motherhood which does not respond to a freely-made decision is an imposition. At the same time, the recriminalisation of abortion would bring with it an additional burden for poorer women, unable to terminate pregnancy in countries where abortion is illegal. Were it to be approved by Parliament, the draft reform presented by the Spanish government would lead to an upsurge of backstreet abortions, performed in unhygienic conditions with no guarantees for the women involved who, in many cases, would even be risking their lives.

In the light of this situation, we call upon the European Free Alliance Youth:

  1. To promote debate in the European institutions on the issue of abortion, specifically focusing on the draft bill proposed by the Spanish government;
  2. To use the European institutions to defend the right of women to decide freely over their own bodies via the promotion of legislation designed to ensure free and safe abortions within the public healthcare system.
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