2014 GA Motions: Right to decide: a basic and fundamental human right for stateless nations, regions, and minorities

A motion by PNC Ghjuventù to the 2014 EFAY General Assembly held in Compostela, Galiza.

  • Having regard to the charter of the United Nation
  • Having regard to the referendum process in Scotland, the possible referenda in Catalonia and in Corsica and the future negotiation between representatives of Flanders and Wallonia
  • Having regard to the democratic principles which base the European Union

The European Free Alliance Youth

  1. Considers the ‘’right to decide’’ as a basic and fundamental human right (right to self-determination) which cannot be limited by any state or EU institutions as long as it is implemented through a democratic transparent inclusive and peaceful process.
  2. Fully supports the claim for ‘’the right to decide’’ coming from stateless nations; regions and minorities which should be free to decide in which institutional structure (from a more autonomous status within their respective existing member state toward a fully-fledged independence within the EU) they want to live in. Therefore stresses that this ‘’right to decide’’ has to be implemented through a democratic transparent inclusive and peaceful process (from a referendum to an open negotiation between people’s representatives).
  3. Calls on the EU institutions to support financially and/or technically if needed and/or if requested by the stateless nation region or minorities, in order to secure the whole process.  Therefore stresses that the EU institutions’ support should be with no external compulsion or interference.
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