2015 GA Declarations: Administrative Reunification of Brittany within a single Assembly

A declaration by UDB Yaouank to the 2015 EFAY General Assembly


a. The recent reduction on the number of French regions;

ab The administrative separation between two different regions of Brittany;

b. the presence of a Breton department, Loire-Atlantique, in another region called “Pays-de-la-Loire”.

c. The missed opportunity to unify all Breton departments under a single region and single Assembly.


- In accordance with the principle of the right to self-determination.


- three protest marches have gathered several tens of thousands of people in Nantes, at a time when the French government was launching a draft law concerning the boundary redistribution of the regions;

- no changes have been seen since, regarding the administration unit of Brittany;

- In accordance with the principle of the right to self-determination. A new organisation, called DIBAB – Décidez la Bretagne (DIBAB – Decide for Brittany), was created. It offers to set up polls in districts of Brittany within 2 years. Two questions are being asked during these polls:

1- Are you in favour of the creation of a new Brittany region, including the Loire-Atlantique with the
four other Breton departments?

2- Are you in favour of the fusion of the county councils and the Regional board within one and only
Assembly of Brittany?

The objective of these polls is to give citizens a say, so that they can express their view on a topic that concerns them. The current deadlock should however be sought only through democracy. Three polls have already been organised, with an overall participation rate of 20%, and a favourable result of nearly 80%.

The European Free Alliance Youth:

- Supports the approach launched by the organisation « DIBAB – Décidez la Bretagne »;

- Is calling for the continuation of further public-spirited and democratic polls in the districts, and in any situation where the political and administrative changes may affect the everyday life of the peoples in the concerned areas.

- Reaffirms its support to the administrative reunification of Brittany, within a single Assembly (fusion of the county councils and the Regional Board).

- Encourages similar movements to be developed in other nations within the French state (Alsatians, Catalans,
Basques and Occitans) that have been damaged by the new arrangement of regions within France.

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