2015 GA Declarations: An equal status for Wales

A declaration by Plaid Ifanc to the 2015 EFAY General Assembly

On the 28th of February, the Secretary of State for Wales, Steven Crabb, published a package of powers to be devolved to the Welsh Assembly, devolving certain issues like the electoral system in Assembly elections, limited tax-levying powers and large energy projects;

Decisions on policing, criminal justice, courts, prisons, rail infrastructure, air passenger duty, the Work Programme, the Crown Estate and some Welfare benefits have been devolved to Belfast and Edinburgh. However, in the case of Wales, these decisions remain with the London Government;

For reasons that have never been satisfactorily explained, the Westminster parties have insisted that the people of Wales settle for a devolution package that falls far short of the normal going-rate for self-government within the British State;

More than a decade and a half has since passed since the convening of Wales’ first National Assembly. Countless commissions and cross-party groups have examined and deliberated the constitution of Wales. The Westminster politicians have failed at each point to meet the aspirations of the people;

The Secretary of State for Wales’ Command Paper on Devolution is yet another chapter in Wales’ story of missed opportunities. Plaid Cymru entered discussions with the government of the British State constructively and in pursuit of the interests of Wales. It is unacceptable that again Wales has been sold short.

The European Free Alliance Youth declares:

That the current Welsh Labour government, in its mixed response to the new package of powers and its refusal in demanding full tax-levying powers for Wales, fails to stand up for the interest of the people and their overwhelming support for further devolution;

That the people of Wales should be offered exactly the same powers that are being offered to Scotland.

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