2015 GA Declarations: Support of a political process in Corsica

A declaration by PNC GhjuventĂș to the 2015 EFAY General Assembly

Whereas the representatives of the Corsican Assembly are the expression of the sovereign will of the Corsican people, and that its members are the direct emanation of the direct election recognised by the French juridical and legislative system;

Whereas, since 2010, when the last Corsican Assembly was elected, decisive resolutions for the future of the Corsican People have been adopted in term of political status, fiscal devolution, recognition of the Corsican people and the co-official status of its language;

Whereas all those votes have gone through by overwhelming majorities including all political families;

Whereas, despite the clear and absolute will of the legitimate representatives of Corsica, the government of the French Republic has never taken into account their demands;

Whereas this refusal to dialogue and listen, against the votes of the people's representatives, constitutes an inacceptable denial of democracy, and an insult towards the fundamental principle of democracy;

EFA Youth fully supports the Corsican representatives and the Corsican people, the first victim of this denial.

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