2015 GA Motions: People's right of self-determination

A motion by PNC GhjuventĂș to the 2015 EFAY General Assembly

Whereas the self-determination principle is legally founded and recognised by the United Nations and all of its member states, in national law and international law;

Whereas, despite this clear concept, many territories in Europe are still deprived from the application of this principle of self-determination;

Whereas the claims of unrecognised peoples and/or stateless nations are now expressed in a calm, open and peaceful framework;

Whereas this dialogue can only exist if the EU member states accept to take into account a will shared by a vast majority of Europeans;

EFA Youth requests the European Parliament to vote on a resolution urging all EU member states to respect, by referendum or through elections, the will of the peoples expressed through democratic processes recognised by our institutions.

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