2015 GA Motions: Solidarity with Greece

A motion by Plaid Ifanc to the 2015 EFAY General Assembly

Due to years of poor governance, widespread corruption, tax evasion by oligarchs and the financial constraints imposed upon Greece by the Troika, Greek society is currently suffering from a social and economic crisis. The new Syriza-led government elected on the 25th of January has promised to challenge the politics of austerity, putting the interest of the poorest in Greek society at the forefront of their agenda.

The European Free Alliance Youth declares:

1. That debt relief must be considered as a serious, viable option in order to get the Greek economy back on track;

2. That the politics of austerity will never advance the social wellbeing of the people of Europe;

3. That no 'measures' demanded by Greeceā€™s creditors should affect the working classes and the poor of Greece;

4. That the European construction must be centred not only on building a political union, but a socially just, egalitarian society in all corners of our continent;

5. That we hope that the current Greek government will recognise and respect the social and cultural needs of the minorities of the Greek State.

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