2016 GA Motions: Solidarity with Refugees

A motion by JERC, JJAA and Chobentú Aragonesista to the 2016 EFAY General Assembly held in Aiacciu, Corsica

EFAy is worried for the situation of crisis of refugees who are entering day by day in Europe looking for haven, and who are condemned to misery. Furthermore, we are worried for the recent events that have worsened their situation and which send to the world a message of rejection and discrimination to this collective, instead of promoting solidarity.

In the same sense, we are alarmed by the attitude of some European countries that until the moment were ones of the most receptive with refugee-welcoming, and now are changing their policies. It seems that the peak of far-right across Europe is eliminating solidarity among peoples, for example in Denmark, they are allowing police to take refugees’ valuable goods and money in order to “compensate the expenses that they will suppose for the county”; a totally unfair measure that infringes the most elemental human rights, as it is a robbery to those who are looking for haven escaping from wars and persecutions.

We are convinced that a change in Europe is needed in order to welcome refugees the way they deserve, as humans in search for a place to live in peace, like all of us.


A. Worried for the actual situation of refugees entering every day through the East of Europe, which are condemned to misery.

B. Alarmed by the message of rejection sent by many European institutions against this collective, instead of transmitting a message of solidarity, as well as the change in policies by many countries incentivized by the role of European far-right parties.

C. Concerned by the hard conditions refugees are suffering during their long journeys to Europe, as really low temperatures, and the dangers of mafias taking a role on them

D. Preoccupied for the lack of awareness and real information about this crisis among European citizens

The European Free Alliance Youth:

1. Condemns the inhuman measures and policies that are being applied by some European countries.

2. Is committed to Europe being a welcoming land, and eliminating all the discriminating and stigmatizing restrictions.

3. Defends a Europe which fights and pursues mafias that take profit of the highly risky situations of refugees.

4. Demands the revision and transformation of the new frontier policies, in order to open our doors for those who are in need, for those taking long and dangerous journeys looking for asylum and haven.

5. Requires the establishment of safe passages for these people escaping from war and misery.

6. Demands the adoption of measures in order to expand the number of people having access to European haven.

7. Both the European Parliament and the European Commission to take urgent measures to confront the racist and xenophobic actions that are happening across Europe.

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