2016 GA Motions: Solidarity with the Kurdish People

A motion by JERC to the 2016 EFAY General Assembly held in Aiacciu, Corsica

The European Free Alliance Youth states its total support with the Kurdish cause. Since the upraise of the Daesh (Islamic State), the Kurdish forces in South (Iraq) and West (Syria) Kurdistan, have heroically fought for their right to exist. Meanwhile, from the North Kurdistan (Turkey) the PKK forces, considered a terrorist organization according to the EU, have unconditionally supported its brothers in Rojava (West Kurdistan), while the ceasefire in Turkey allowed them to focus on the resistance and counter-offensive against the Daesh. And though less bloody, in Rojhilat the repression of the Iranian State over the Kurdish is also high. Despite different social and political contexts, the sub autonomous government of the Southern Kurdistan and Rojava, had fought together with other arab, yezedi or assyrian militias, to defend the difference against the integrist totalitarianism.

Meanwhile, the pro-Kurdish leftist party, HDP, overcome the electoral threshold and got representation in the Turkish parliament, threaten AKP parliamentary majority. Unfortunately, since last November, the self-considered “sultan” of Turkey, Receip Tayipp Erdoggan, unilaterally broke the ceasefire and the peace agreement in western Kurdistan, starting a ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish population and restarting the military operations against PKK. Tayip Erdogan has indirectly given support to the Daesh terrorists, allowing them to freely cross the border, receiving medical treatment in Turkish hospitals, and bombing PKK bases in Bashur (the southern Kurdistan).

The European Free Alliance Youth:

1. Expresses its solidarity with the Kurdish cause regarding the Rojava’s revolution, the self- determination struggle in southern Kurdistan, and the resistance against the Turkish oppression in western Kurdistan.

2. Asks EFAy member organizations to support the solidarity campaigns started by Kurdish support groups in their own countries.

3. Asks EFA MEP’s to lobby for the removal of PKK from the EU terrorist organizations list.

4. Asks the Turkish state to unconditionally release Abdullah Öcallan.

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