2017 GA Declarations: Meran Declaration - Motion against Far Right and in Defense of Diversity

The Meran Declaration presented to the 2017 EFAY General Assembly held in Katowice, Silesia.

Meran Declaration


The European Free Alliance Youth, the youth of the stateless nations, regions and minorities of Europe, following the conclusions of the debates developed in Südtirol in May 2016 during the conference «Far Right and State Populism», presents this declaration to its General Assembly.


  1. The worrying growth of far right movements and parties in many European countries,
  2. The multiple forms that far right is adopting at political level, even defending stateless nations, regions or minorities,
  3. The crisis of current liberal-democratic regimes, due to the limitation of democracy and the “austerity” measures promoted by almost all European countries,
  4. The threat that the mentioned factors suppose for the civic, political and social rights that European citizens, especially women, LGBTIQP+ collectives, minorities and migrants, have achieved after years of struggle,

The European Free Alliance Youth:

  1. Repudiates those parties that claim to defend minorities and stateless nations from far right positions based on a nationalism characterised by exclusion and ethnicity,
  2. Stands for a civic nationalism that promotes an inclusive society
  3. Welcomes refugees and migrants to our nations, regions and communities, and stands for a mutual understanding and cohabitation.
  4. Defends a common foreign policy on the EU based on cooperation and pacemaking, fostering the economic and social development of its neighbouring countries.
  5. Struggles for the deepening of our democracies through the defence of the right to decide. The defence of this right has to be followed by a claim for a more participative and direct democracy, overcoming the limitations of representation of the current liberal democracies.
  6. Defends those social policies that promote equity and cohesive societies through the expansion of the welfare state.
  7. Stands for the creation of alliances and networks with other parties, NGO’s and platforms for the defence of diversity and the struggle of far right.
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