2017 GA Motions: Historical memory to fight against Franco Dictatorship

A motion to the 2017 EFAY General Assembly held in Katwoice, Silesia.

The beginning of the 20th century was a convulsed time for the Spanish state, firstly with the consequences of the loss of the colonies and then with the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. In April 1931, the municipal elections were a triumph for the republican parties in 41 of the 50 capitals of province. The king Alfonso XIII, was forced to exile because of the republican claim, and the 14th of April the 2nd Republic was proclaimed, or the “Federation of Iberian Republics”. During these years, the Spanish citizens enjoyed one of the most advanced constitutions of this period and many transforming laws. Individual rights were guaranteed, such as the female suffrage, the freedom of religion and expression. Collective rights such as the right of autonomy, freedom of association and other fundamental rights were also guaranteed.

Many protests were hold and the instability of Europe after the 1929 crisis and the military and agricultural crisis ended up with an uprising of the army against the legal republican government.  The 18th of June 1936 there was an uprising of the fascist troops and the Civil War started, becoming the precedent of the II World War, as the ultraconservatives who upraised led Spain to a 40 years dictatorship.

Francisco Franco dictatorship was a step behind for the society who dreamed about the national and social freedom. For all of this, any of these situations should ever be repeated around the world.

The European Free Alliance Youth:

  1. Demands to remember the victims of the 40 years of Franco dictatorship and of the following hate crimes.
  2. Calls upon the administrations to set the necessary means -be it DNA identification or other technologies- to find the human remains which have not been identified, so that families can decide what to do with them.
  3. Asks for the revocation of the sentences against political dissidence and sexual condition.
  4. Demands the recognition of the democratic figures of the Republic, the dictatorship and the transition.
  5. Commits to avoid the repetition of these authority regimes in its member states.
  6. Demands the removal of tributes to people, institutions and places related to fascism, Franco, nazism and far right in general.
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